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Re: [hr100] Welcome Home!

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  • thetroubadour@mcleodusa.net
    Hey, wow, alla yous folks! I m sitting in the Silverton Public Library. (Very quiet!) I had no idea how serious all this is till I tried to book a room. To
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 28, 2006
      Hey, wow, alla yous folks!

      I'm sitting in the Silverton Public Library. (Very quiet!) I had no idea
      how serious all this is till I tried to book a room. To wit: The Avon
      ain't the Avon, I don't see some motels that I used to see, the Grand
      Imperial is for sale, and my old nemesis, The Wyman, looks like urban
      renewal! Or, 43rd Street in Chicago. It's a dump!!!!! (I think? Maybe
      the sun was in my eyes. Maybe I'm imagining, gloating, hyperventilating,
      hallucinating... :(

      Well, I also tried to leave a message at Charlie's "Official Hardrock
      Hundred Front Porch"--but it was an official locked front porch.

      Oh well, there's always lotsa room in Mahoney's shoes--'cuz he's never in

      OK, serious. Yes, I did get an upstairs room at the Outsiders Inn (it's
      new!) and I think there just *might* possibly be more space available.
      Isn't there also a campground on the east side of town?
      "Animas...something Camping"? I remember some years ago, they wanted to
      charge me $10 just to take a shower!

      I wish you folks well, of course, and best luck; but mostly I'd like to
      offer somebody some money to rent a vehicle on July 10th to pick up my
      bride at the Durango Airport, and also hit up somebody for a ride back to
      that same airport on July 17th when it's all over.

      Anybody?? Anyone looking for a way to earn money to take a shower???

      OK, time to log off and do a little research. You won't believe this (I
      know), but I am, at the moment, actually cramming to take the SAT test.
      No kiddin'! Anybody curious about this can ask me while we're
      trailmarking. (It's another looooooooong story.)

      Hey, it's COLD here!

      Mo laida,
      (I'm on a computer named "Moe"),

      Rich "Softrocks Rick" Limacher

      > Steve, Deb and Tucker,
      > We're at Mineral Creek about 3.5 miles in at the dispersed camping area.
      > Right now there's room for you and a few others. It will probably fill
      > starting
      > tomorrow. We heard Lake Molas (the campground run by the town of Silverton
      > -
      > not Little Molas) had 200 reservations and only 60 spots. That's going to
      > impact all the other campgrounds.
      > See you soon,
      > Jim & Sue
      > In a message dated 6/26/2006 6:22:13 PM Mountain Daylight Time,
      > ultrastevep@... writes:
      > Hi Lois....
      > Deb and I have been staying at the Leadville Hostel the past few days
      > doing
      > some 14'ers with Matt, 7 in the past week and a half. Yale tomorrow, then
      > we
      > head to Silverton! We'll be camping and don't know where yet....I'm
      > thinking
      > the 4th of July crowd will fill Mineral, so we may head to Arrastra...any
      > suggestions?
      > We'll be doing Sneffels on Wednesday if anyone wants to join us....
      > See you all soon!
      > Steve, Deb and Tucker
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