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  • ultrastevep@adelphia.net
    Fellow Hardrockers.... Following is an email Sophie Speidel sent out to the VHTRC list and with her permission, I am copying it to this list because Dennis had
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2006
      Fellow Hardrockers....

      Following is an email Sophie Speidel sent out to the VHTRC list and with her permission, I am copying it to this list because Dennis had so many friends at Hardrock.

      She asks that if you write something, to copy it to her at sophiespeidel@... so that she can send it to his son, Dana, who will then read the stories to Dennis or he will read them at a later date. Below Sophie's message is what I sent in...

      Feel free to pass this on to anyone who might not be on the email list.

      Thanks and see you in July!
      Steve Pero


      I have been forwarding copies of the reflections being written about Dennis to Dana Herr, Dennis' son, for him to print out and share with his family and with Dennis. Dana thinks anything we can do to let Dennis know we are rooting for him would be a huge benefit for Dennis, so if you are inclined, please consider posting a reflection on this list that you would like to share with us and with Dennis.

      Dennis, you are one tough ultrarunner with a huge heart and a strong spirit. You WILL get through this---know that we are all thinking about you!!!


      Sophie, this is a great idea!

      #1. In 2001 I had run Barkley (the fun run, not the 100) and got my T-shirt from
      Gary. I wore that T-shirt at Hardrock that year and someone came up to me and
      asked if they had used Dennis Herr's picture on the shirt....I had no idea
      because I had never met Dennis. Later on that year I finally met Dennis and saw
      that face that is on my Barkley shirt. (Dennis, I never knew you were a model!)

      #2. At Cold TWOT one year ( the year of the deep snow), Deb was sick and we
      basically walked though the loop with Tucker...while doing this I told Deb that
      I was planning on going out for a 2nd loop if that was OK with her. We got into
      the campsite at the finish and Dennis came up to me and said, while breathing
      bourbon in my face, "If you want to go out on another loop, I'll go with you!".
      I had visions of this and instead took the cup of beer that was offered to me by
      Mike Dobies.

      #3. This is at the same run, but deserves it's own reflection. After the run and
      we were settled in, most of the runners had gone home, but Craig Wilson was on
      loop 2, with Mike Dobies crewing him. Deb and I sat most of the night on the
      back of our car talking with Dennis in the sub freezing temps. He was nice
      enough to go down to the local store and get a pizza and bring it back for
      dinner and I just asked question after question about Hardrock stories I had
      heard about him. One was when he and David Horton were in the lead at Hardrock
      and they ran across the water pipe going into Ouray. Now if you could see this
      pipe, which is maybe 3 foot diameter and maybe 30 feet above the rushing river
      below. The pipe is always wet and slippery. Dennis took a nap at Ouray and David
      went on to win.

      Then there was the question on how he got the nickname "the Animal", which led
      to him telling us of how he ran into some guy at Masochist that came up to him
      and wanted to know how he got the nickname because "He" was the real Animal.
      The stories Dennis can tell....

      One more...

      A couple of years ago, Dennis and I were emailing about the upcoming Hardrock.
      He was worried that his old Toyota van wouldn't make the drive out, so he was
      looking at getting a 2003 VW Passat, which he could get for a good price, but he
      had some questions about it and i told him it sounded like a good car, go ahead
      and buy it. I assumed that he went ahead and bought it, but while Deb and I were
      walking down Reese street in Silverton going to Charlie Thorn's house, Dennis
      pulls up in his Van and says "Hi, Guys". I asked him about the VW and he said
      "F**k that! Dennis' van, with the falling off bumper, was seen all over town that year.

      Later on that week during the race we got to run together and he said he wasn't
      feeling too good while we walked into Chapman together. He said "Go on without
      me, I hope I can get through this thing!" I stopped at Chapman to refill my
      bladder and looked around for him....someone told me he had already left. As I
      walked up the steep, hot and dusty road to Oscar's, I saw him about 2
      switchbacks up, waving down to me. I never caught him and he went on to have a
      great run, finishing in daylight.

      I could go on and on....so many Dennis stories keep popping into my head.

      I hope someone will read these stories to him, I would if I lived down there.

      Be strong Dennis and get well soon! I look forward to sharing the Hardrock and
      TWOT trails with you again!

      Your bud,
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