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Re: Hardrock pictures.

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  • Michael Bur
    Boy, you pace someone to a glorious crash and burn mile 90 DNF at Massanutten and this is the thanks you get!(Have you ever seen a question mark run? The
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 29, 2005
      Boy, you pace someone to a glorious crash and burn
      mile 90 DNF at Massanutten and this is the thanks
      you get!(Have you ever seen a "question mark" run?
      The Troubadour's back was so wrenched, that's
      *exactly* what he looked like at that point...of
      course, being the ace pacer I am, I was still beating
      him like a rented mule and telling him how great he
      was doing). Limmicker, when you are ready to get
      rid of that MMT "visitors rock", let me know!

      Ok, so, I've corrected the units on my rate of climb
      in the photo captions.(in an earlier caption, I
      claimed to be climbing at 2100ft/min, yowsa!)

      So to answer, why snapfish? I don't particularly
      care for the whole registration thing at any web
      site but the clever person can complete all that
      without giving away any real direct information
      including using a disposable/throwaway email address.

      You *did* use a throwaway, didn't you Rich?!?!

      See, I'm still in the dark ages with my camera.
      Alot of the kids here won't remember these
      contraptions but once upon a time, you had to actually
      load these little film canisters into a camera, the
      film was exposed and then you had it chemically
      processed to reveal the image. I still use one of
      those. So, for 5 bucks(which includes the mailing
      to and from), I can send snapfish my film,
      they will process it, return the negatives and a
      single set of prints *and* scan the images into my
      account so that I can then organize them, caption them
      and share them via the web if I want. NFI in
      snapfish but if you're still in the dark ages like
      me, the bang for the buck for what you get isn't bad.

      It's actually funny when I take a picture of my nieces

      and then they run up to me wanting to see the picture
      on the back of the camera. I have to explain to them
      that the pictures are "stuck" inside the camera and
      it takes awhile to "get them out" so they'll have to
      wait until next time to actually see the picture.
      This disappoints and baffles them.

      Mike Bur

      --- TheTroubadour <thetroubadour@...> wrote:

      > Hokay, so like, what do Mike Bur, jet planes, and
      > the
      > Discovery shuttle all have in common?
      > Give up?
      > [There's some slight hint contained amidst all these
      > below-mentioned Hard Luck pics. :-]
      > Now do ya give up?
      > [Check out the innocent-enough photo of Our Hero
      > striding
      > into Telluride .-]
      > For sure you are all *now* giving up, right? On
      > accounta
      > how not one o' yous has actually in fact just now
      > pointed-and-clicked-and-logged-onto and... given
      > that damned
      > "Snapfish" all your personal and private
      > e-information!
      > (That's an easy one to call. What the hell do we
      > gotta give
      > our whole FBI file to a web pic site for, huh? Do I
      > now
      > gotta worry about even MORE spam jamming my
      > already-overclogged inbox? Is Luigi gonna show up
      > soon with
      > his friends on my front porch? Will my next tax
      > return be
      > audited??? :-(
      > All right, I'm gonna tell you what The Man Who Shot
      > Dead
      > That Dude on the Ten Dollar Bill's most law-abiding
      > strangely distant cousin Mike has in common with
      > today's jet
      > aircraft and orbiting space shuttles:
      > They can ALL claim to be "slowing"
      > occasionally--like due to
      > fatigue or other political disappointments--to a
      > climb rate
      > of ONLY 1,200 FEET PER MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!
      > Whoa.
      > Next Hardrock I do, if I can only force myself to
      > scale back
      > to a feeble climb rate like Mike's after Telluride,
      > I could
      > possibly complete the whole race in 1,650 seconds.
      > (27.5
      > minutes)
      > "Compute gently out there."
      > Rich Limacher
      > TheTroubadour@...
      > Yankee Folly of the Day: Two-and-a-half years and
      > how many
      > billions of dollars later, and the same kinds of
      > chunks of
      > the same kind of tile falls off. Hey, NASA? Maybe
      > instead
      > of K-Mart, try shopping at Home Depot!
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