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Re: [hr100] sheep proof markers?

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  • Deb Pero
    James, James, James.... Now you ve gone and done it.....the wrath of the course marker pulling gods is upon Ye! ... From: james varner To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 27, 2005
      James, James, James....
      Now you've gone and done it.....the wrath of the "course marker pulling gods" is upon Ye!

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      From: james varner
      To: hr100@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 7:00 PM
      Subject: [hr100] sheep proof markers?

      hi everyone

      this weekend i was out playing around on the continental divide trail in the cunningham gulch area and decided to return via green mtn. after coming over stony pass i found the foot worn path leftover from the race and followed it down towards the creek. i crested a small rise and to my surprise i saw a course marker, then another and another... in all i found about a half dozen . (uli kamm just posted a great shot of the exact location: http://www.ultrawalk.com/Hardrock/Hardrock%202005/116%20-%20HR%20'05%20-%20Green%20Mt.%20Cutoff%20(3).jpg

      perhaps these markers should be analyzed to determine their sheep proof qualities. i have kept them seperate from all the others. although they must have volunteer proof qualites too since they were somehow missed yet the ones before and after had been pulled-- we'll have to splice out those genes.

      have fun
      ps i'm sorry if i'm making everyone jealous i'm still out here playing around in the san juans so i won't mention i'm running 100-170 miles on the colorado trail this weekend.

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