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  • Dale Garland
    Jan 1, 2005
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      Happy New Year Hardrockers!

      We are now accedpting entries for the 2005 Hardrock Hundred Endurance
      Run. If you are interested in running please make sure the following is
      included in your entry:
      a. a completed and signed entry (available on line from our home page
      (www.run100s.com/HR or www.hardrock100.com)
      b. a copy (either from Ultrarunning or from the run itself) of your
      results indicating your finishing your qualifying run.
      c. a check for the entry fee 0f $175, made out to Hardrock Hundred
      Endurance Run

      You should mail your entry to PO Box 55, Silverton CO any time between
      now and Feb. 4th. It is not necessary to FedEx/,Overnight Deliver or any other
      rush mail your entry unless you are mailing it right before the Feb.cut off.
      The run committee will meet on Sunday Feb. 6th to draw up the 2005
      field. Once again, we will use a weighted lottery (which is explained on our
      web site) to determine the entry field. Once the BLM permit limit of 125
      runners i selected we will draw up our wait list. If all goes right we will be
      able to post both lists but Monday, Feb 7th.
      Finally, the 2005 will accept entries via the "buddy system" which again
      is explained on our web site. If you are applying as a "buddy" be sure to put
      the person's name who you want to be considered with on the top of the entry.
      Both entries must have the approprite names on their entries to be considered
      as a "buddy entry"
      If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. We can be
      reached at hardrock100@... or 970-259-3693.

      So long from the snowy San Juans (where Mother Nature dumped a bunch of snow
      this past week!)

      Dale Garland
      RD, Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run