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972Re: [hr100] Hardrock results, analysis, and photos

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  • Stan Jensen
    Aug 2, 2004
      Blake P. Wood wrote:

      > Sorry, folks - I shouldn't have put a web page up and then left for a
      > week of vacation. A bunch of you wrote to tell me that these photo web
      > pages didn't work with many browsers, and that some of the photos
      > wouldn't display even in IE. I rebuilt the pages using a different
      > application, so I think it should be better now. However, they still
      > won't display properly with some older versions of browsers, for
      > instance Netscape 4.7. Newer versions should be okay, but let me know
      > if otherwise.

      Nope, still no luck. Your links mix forward and backward slashes (and
      exclamations) and I think my ISP's server is Unix, so instead of:


      you need something more like:


      Just a quick guess ... sorry.


      P.S. I'm using Netscape 7.x (although it seems to work with IE)
      Stan Jensen, 327 Greenway Dr., Pacifica, CA 94044-2920
      http://www.Run100s.com/ mailto:StanJ@...
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