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914Hardrock Marker Pulling

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  • Charles T. Thorn
    Jun 1, 2004
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      Hello All,

      Over the years, many crew members and volunteers and even a few
      runners have helped pull flags from the Hardrock course after the
      run. As in the past few years, Paulette Smaltz (pjhiker@...)
      is coordinating the flag pulling from the course.

      Last year, Paulette went out and sent out teams to a couple of very
      remote course sections, only to find that the flags had already been
      pulled. That resulted in long road trips that were not needed.

      Paulette welcomes all the help that she can get to pull the flags.
      However, in order to keep from sending more than one group of flag
      pullers over the same course section, PLEASE COORDINATE DIRECTLY with
      Paulette prior to going out to pull flags. She will be at the
      Silverton High School gym during runner sign-in and at other times or
      email her directly at pjhiker@....

      I want to thank everyone who has pulled flags in the past and to
      thank you in advance for making sure you've coordinated with Paulette
      this year.

      Thanks again.