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898Help Wanted

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  • Dale Garland
    Apr 24, 2004
      Hi Hardrockers!
      The San Juans received another blanket of white this week but I think we
      are in good shape for this years event, as far as the snow level goes.
      As I was thinking about the summer, songs began to circulate in my head
      and I came up with an idea. Here goes. . . . if you have a special or unique
      song that reminds you of some aspect of the HRH please e-mail it to me. In the
      populist tradition of HRH, I will compile those songs and produce a HRH
      musical CD which will be composed of the 12-15 most popular (most requested
      songs). Feel free to send along 3-5 of your favorites but please don't send me
      your entire MP3 file!!
      Hope everybody is well!

      Dale Garland
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