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868Hardrock entry and selection algorithm on the web

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  • Blake P. Wood
    Aug 29 8:06 AM
      An entry form for the 2004 Hardrock Hundred, which includes info on the qualifying criteria, has been placed on the Hardrock web page www.run100s.com/HR (www.hardrock100.com will get you there also). Entries won't be accepted until after December 31, so don't send them in yet - we don't want to handle the checks yet. But make sure they are received by February 1, when we will make the selection.

      I've also put an explanation of the selection algorithm at www.run100s.com/HR/HRH-Entrants-2004.html. It is a weighted lottery, with some multiple-time finishers grandfathered in. Last time around we received over 200 applications for 115 starting slots. This year will probably be similar. Those who are not selected will be placed on a waiting list. In 2002, the waiting list had 75 runners on it, but by the time the 2003 run rolled around (the 2002 run was cancelled) there were only about 10 runners left on it, and all wait-listed runners who showed up on race weekend were allowed to start.

      - Blake

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