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797Re: [hr100] 14er posting website

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  • Gordon Hardman
    Jun 16, 2003

      I agree- either way it is 3 days. You can park at Molas lake, and there
      is a nice trail down to the Animas, and follow the tracks to Needleton.
      Camp there or up the trail a bit. Do the peaks. Camp a second night and
      hike out. Or, take the train, camp a night, do the peaks, camp and come
      out on the train. There are even some loops/peaks back in the Weminuche,
      you could go in on the first day, hike to Chicago basin & camp, do the
      peaks, go over Columbine Pass & around to come out near Silverton......
      Think Vestal Peak and Wham Ridge...

      Andrea Feucht wrote:

      > Matt,
      > Joe speaks from experience. I vaguely remember some half-day run
      > before HR
      > in 2000 around White Dome "organized" by Dr Dave that ended up being
      > somewhere around 12-14 hours due to some train issues....
      > :-)
      > Andrea
      > --- Joseph Clapper <clapper@...> wrote:
      > > Mat,
      > > Take the train.
      > > Joe
      > I looked at the schedule at http://www.durangorailway.com/ and think
      > there
      > is only about 6 hours between the first and last train into Needleton
      > (1
      > hour from Silverton), not enough time for a day hike. The train saves
      > you
      > about 15 miles round trip on runnable trails, but you lose that in
      > having
      > to carry camping gear.
      > > Most of the 14ers not on my list are in the San Juans, so I want to
      > climb
      > > a
      > > few after Hardrock. Would anyone be interested in a day hike to
      > Eolus,
      > > Sunlight and Windom? According to Roach it is 36 miles and 10,000
      > ft.
      > > climb
      > > from Purgatory, which is the closest approach without taking the
      > train.
      > > I
      > > figure with a 2 AM start we could reach Chicago basin (16 miles) by
      > 7 and
      > > be
      > > off the summits before afternoon T-storms. I am assuming 2000 ft/hr
      > rate
      > > of
      > > climb and running the downhills, but I have not hiked in this area
      > > before.
      > > The best time for me is the week after Hardrock around July 16-21 or
      > so.
      > > Hans was going to go but he is running Vermont for the Grand Slam.
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