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  • Hans-Dieter Weisshaar
    Mar 5, 2000
      Carolyn has asked about the last miles and got answers about estimated
      IQ-levels during the "second night".
      As a 60 (+-) runner, who never has tried such a fun run, there are some
      more detailed questions to the veterans:

      1. At which time begins the flashlight time on Saturday evening or how
      many hours after start on Friday 6 a.m. ?

      2. How many miles of the tail (mile 99 - finish, mile 98 - finish ...)
      can be walked (marched or run) in darkness with an IQ less than a

      3. If the answer is, that there is no major problem behind mile 97,5 (I
      have no idea), then it is better for people with lower IQ like me, to
      try to reach this point (i.e. 97,5) before flashlight time (seriously
      spoken, I personally hope for finishing in 47:30 no matter about the

      4. Anyway, are there any splittime-tables available for moving in that
      way (3.) ? I don't ask for a division like 97,5 miles divided by 39,5
      hours (potato IQs are able to perform this calculation with a correct
      result), but for a schedule, which takes in account the ups and downs,
      climbings, daylight or night and so on.

      5. Finally: If your time for exploring (walking) the unknown trail is
      restricted to three or four days, who can make recommendations about the
      "problem"-areas, which should be visited first by order of priority
      including the informations about how to get to that points by car? Is it
      the foreseen "second night" - course?

      Best regards

      Hans-Dieter W.
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