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744Hardrock training. eastern style

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  • Steve Pero
    Dec 2, 2002
      Thought some of you may be interested in seeing how we here in the east
      train for Hardrock. As you all know, training for this run is a year round
      venture and we're always thinking of Hardrock no matter what we are doing.
      Like...How will this help us in July. Well, we're both on the wait list and
      always hopeful so will continually seeking the perfect training run for that
      day in July.

      What: Mt. Washington hike up/sled down. over 6,000 feet. Temps were in the
      20's. Wind chill? Who knows. It was darn cold.

      One of Sue Johnston's hiking friends (only now he's an ultrarunner too) has
      been doing a Mt. Washington hike the Saturday after Thanksgiving for about
      20 years now. We've done it a couple of times, and now that we're closer,
      hope to make it every year. It sure beats Christmas shopping! This year,
      the gang carried sleds up, and hit the auto road for a wild ride down. Note:
      there are no guard rails on the auto road. Watch for turns, and be sure you
      make them!
      This was a heck of alot of fun. The hiking was superb, and conditions were
      actually quite good. Near the summit, it was close to white-out conditions,
      but we did see some sunshine during the day. Spectacular.

      There had been an avalanche that killed two climbers and injured 5 others
      the day before on Tuckerman's Ravine, where folks do the extreme skiing.
      You will see Tuck's Ravine in the pictures, but we went up the trail for a
      short while, then hooked onto Lion's Head toward the summit.
      These pics might give you a feel for winter hiking in the whites.

      Steve and I had not done the sledding part before, and, rookies that we
      were, brought inflatable tubes (complete with hand pump- you should've seen
      the looks on the faces of some German hikers who, like us, holed up behind
      the summit building up top when we got them out of our packs!) . The tubes
      provided a very soft cushioned ride - but unfortunately, the hard ice at the
      beginning did some damage, and before we made it down all the way, our tubes
      were flat! We had to finish by running down (in hiking boots no less.!)

      We don't know everyone's name in the group, so not everyone is identified,
      but check out the link if you would like to see the photos.
      The best way to view is "view slideshow".

      Hope to see you all in Late June...
      Deb and Steve
      Jaffrey, NH.
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