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743Re: [hr100] Sorry!

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  • thetroubadour
    Nov 27 10:14 AM
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      Hey Todd,

      It's okay!

      I'm certainly willing to forgive ya... :-)

      ...just as long as you and yours NEVER book rooms at the
      Wyman Hotel.

      In Florida, as I'm sure you'll discover, cancelling a
      reservation does not mean that the innkeepers steal what
      they think you owe for the rest of your stay.

      Now I guess it's my turn to be sorry; I'm really meaning
      this for the entire list, and not just you personally, Todd.

      But thanks, BTW, for what you're doing for Dale and, by your
      withdrawal, for somebody else on *that* waiting list.

      Have a great new life in Florida!
      (But try to resist advice from Mahoney! :-)

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      From: Laura & Todd Burgess <laurantodd@...>
      To: <hr100@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, November 26, 2002 11:23 AM
      Subject: [hr100] Sorry!

      > That wasn't meant for everyone!!!!
      > I thought I was sending it just to Dale.
      > Guess it was my turn to be the dork who sent everyone a
      personal email.
      > Todd
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