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738Re: [hr100] CRESTONES

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  • Matt Mahoney
    Nov 24, 2002
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      --- HD.weisshaar@... wrote:
      > Dear Matt,
      > it sounds terrific and I expect, that there will NOBODY out there
      > trying
      > 100 hours 100 miler.

      I suspect so. I really don't think anyone will even finish the first
      lap both ways, but I'm going to be out there as long as there are other
      runners on the course. I read Steve Bremner's trip reports at
      http://cloud.prohosting.com/~mtnclmbr/kc2.htm and he doesn't think 100
      hours is possible either, but 25 hours for one lap should be doable
      with enough training and motivation. His times are a bit faster than
      mine. Last year it was 10 hours to climb Challenger and Kit Carson
      from Willow Creek and return, and 14 hours for the Crestone traverse
      from Cottonwood Creek. The trail is really bad and you are just
      bushwacking. It took us both the same time to descend as climb it.
      Good thing we will be avoiding it during the race.

      > And you? What about a worldwide promotion of that race, maybe you
      > find
      > one or two more climbers for that from all over the world.

      Well, it's on the world wide web :-)

      > I am really interested as a part of my 54-project at least to climb
      > all
      > of them once on July 26th. I guess for the CRESTONES 100 miles I am
      > too
      > weak and too old.
      > Mid-July Hardrock, 7th of August Nolan, around 15th of August
      > Leadville
      > and in summer the rest of about 40 14000er.

      That's a much more sensible schedule :-) I didn't enter Hardrock last
      year before they cancelled it so I'm not even on the waiting list. I
      am trying to put together a no fee, aid, awards, or wimps version of
      Hardrock one week after the real race like you did last year. I'm
      going to enter Nolans but if I end up not getting a crew I might crew
      for someone else instead. I'm going to enter Leadville but not the
      bike this year since it's on the same weekend as Nolans.

      > I am still interested, to
      > climb the more difficult ones of the Elk (Aspen) region and elsewhere
      > with an experienced climber, maybe together with you. I will bring
      > all
      > my climbing stuff over to the states next week, staying overseas
      > until
      > mid October 2003.
      > All the best to all of you

      I have about 20 more to go. In the Elks I still need Pyramid,
      Snowmass, and Castle/Conundrum. I also need most of the San Juans (all
      except Handies and Sneffels), and a few others (Little Bear, Lindsey,
      Humboldt (yeah I should do this one before Crestone, but it's not a
      hard climb). I won't get all the 14ers this year, at least not

      I'm thinking about a race in the Elks in 2004. It would go Capitol,
      Snowmass, Maroon, North Maroon, Pyramid, Conundrum, and Castle. I've
      heard it's been done in about 36 hours. Next year I just want to
      explore some routes.

      > Hans (the German) and Susi
      > P.S. Send a copy to STAN JENSEN personally for his run100s-Website
      > and
      > provide him with informations (Aidstations, fees, cutoffs and all the
      > stuff he needs).

      I doubt he'll list it. If it doesn't have aid stations, entry fees, or
      a reasonable chance of finishing, then it's not a "real" race. He
      won't list Barkley or Nolan's 14 (although Nolan's is less than 100
      miles depending on the route. It is 56 miles if you take straight
      lines between summits).

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...
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