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734New Mexico Mountain Run

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  • Ginny La Forme
    Oct 7 4:22 PM
      Attention Boulderites and otherites!

      Maybe some of you might enjoy a little weekend trip South of the
      Border(CO border, that is).
      The annual NM MTNRNNR Trampas/Truchas Peak/Leonardo run/scramble will
      take place this Sat, Oct 12 at 8 am kinda near Taos NM. It's around 15
      miles without N. Truchas summit, and a little more with. First 6 miles
      are good runnable trail, middle section is steep scrambling above
      treeline, including an easy 3'd class section on the optional Truchas
      Pk. Summit, last portion is un maintained trail with hurdles. Best
      alpine scenery Nm has to offer. No snow as of this minute.
      No entry, awards, marking, etc, but maps and briefing are given,
      results are sent out and records are kept.
      If interested please contact me, Ginny LaForme, at:
      505.753.8340 w
      505.753.3291 h