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73[hr100] Re: This Way

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  • Charles T. Thorn
    Mar 3, 2000
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      I will try to ensure the rope is up on or before Tuesday of the run.

      Charlie Thorn

      >> If the river crossing is in good shape (or if the
      >> rope is up) I plan to do
      >> the section from KT to the finish on Tuesday before
      >> the run, in order to try
      >> to imprint the course on my memory.
      >I will too, even though it didn't work the last time.
      >In spite of my advice, I will probably be running
      >without a pacer (or crew or drop bags).
      >BTW, if there is no rope, you can cross the river by
      >moving with the current instead of fighting it, even
      >if the current is very fast. Pick a spot downstream
      >on the other side and head for it, crossing at a 30-45
      >degree angle to the river. It is easier than you
      >think, but once you are in the water do not try to
      >stop or head upstream unless you are a good swimmer.
      >This might be good practice in case you lose your grip
      >on the rope during the race.
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