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726HR 100 2002 clockwise

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  • Hans-Dieter Weisshaar
    Jul 26, 2002
      Dear friends,

      Sunday morning at 0521 my body asked me for another
      rest day, so we (my body and I) started on Monday,
      22nd of July at 0600 at the bell in front of Silverton
      High School for the clockwise run. My body brought me
      back to the bell on Wednesday morning after 46 hours,
      53 minutes and ten seconds.

      End of the short version.

      1. Course as the week before, but clockwise: Ouray
      turn at the hot springs, Handies up via punch-trail,
      Handies down via 13735 and Boulder Gulch.

      2. Handies down was no pleasure, crossing the steep
      hills with loose gravel and rocks. It reactivated the
      blister-pain and I fall down three times ("If there is
      no blood, it was not a trail race" - Blake Wood).
      There is no trail behind passing below 13735, as
      indicated on the 2000 revised Drake map, as it is the
      case for some other places (no trail), but there are
      some old Charlie-markers (I did not find all of them
      the week before).

      3. Cunningham up in the dark and heavy rain was okay,
      until I got doubts about the trail just before the
      Little Giant Ridge. I again was happy having done my
      homework with the GPS. The way down after passing
      Little Giant got e n d l e s s.

      4. Susi crewed at Capman, Telluride, Ouray, Grouse and
      Cunningham. No crew and aid from Grouse until
      Cunningham (or 0555 until 2209 the second day). She
      was perfect again, the Goulash soup saved me (I will
      learn how to make it for crewing at Nolan)!

      5. I planned to start very easy and slow, to save
      power and to get a cushion of one hour until Maggies.
      It worked that way not badly.


      Silverton 0600
      Putnam 0812 0812
      KT 1018 1018
      Chapman 1302 1305
      Telluride 1641 1654
      Virginius 1933 1933
      Gov. Basin 2027 2027
      Ouray 2228 2254
      Engineer 0244 0244
      Oh point 0355
      Grouse 0540 0555
      Handies top 0921
      Sherman 1151 1151
      Pole Creek 1609 1609
      Maggie 1821 1821
      Cunningham 2209 2225
      Silverton 045310

      I really love the mountains! Not to mention, that I am
      happy (and kaputt). Thanks again to all included

      See many of you soon at Leadville.
      Best regards and take care

      Hans "the German"

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