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707Hardrock Trail Work

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  • Charles T. Thorn
    Jul 10, 2002
      There were many Hardrock runners in the Silverton area last weekend, July
      4-8. We enjoyed the high country and especially the fresh rain. We also
      took the time to contribute to the community by improving a couple of area

      On Friday afternoon, Emily Loman, Ernst Baer, and I spent a few hours
      brushing out the Anvil Mountain trail which snakes up the hillside north
      above the Shrine Road. This old built trail provided access to the mines
      along a vein that is visible from town. The trail continues up Anvil
      Mountain, traverses to a saddle at the head of Soda Gulch and, with a
      little effort, you can find your way up to the Anvil Mountain ridge
      southwest of the saddle. Earlier in the day, we had hiked the Anvil
      Mountain loop to the Irene Mine and down Niagara Gulch. We came back up
      and were able to work the trail about 500 verticle feet up Anvil before a
      nice shower moved in. The rain looked intense up toward Howardsville.

      On Monday, John DeWalt; Tim, Melody, & Chuck Varner; John Robinson and his
      mother Joanne; Hal Winton; and I were able to force our way, using bow saws
      and loppers, a considerable distance west along the Silverton Railroad bed
      from where the Hardrock route goes down to the Mineral Creek crossing. The
      Silverton Railroad was built by Otto Mears beginning in the mid 1880s and
      provided transportation from Silverton over Red Mountain Pass to Ironton.
      Today, the bed is abandoned and often overgrown with thick doghair aspen
      and evergreen forest. When the roadbed is brushed out, we should have a
      great trail at nice grade from Silverton to the Ophir Pass road at Burro
      Bridge. It will then be possible to run or hike from Silverton to
      Telluride almost entirely on trails. Mountain bikers should also enjoy the
      route up above highway 550.

      In future months and years, we hope to be able to do more trail work to
      improve the outdoor running opportunities around the Hardrock area.

      Charlie Thorn
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