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705[hr100] Hardrock Hundred Cancellation

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  • HD.weisshaar@T-Online.DE
    Jun 29, 2002

      the first schock hit me in Governor Basin on Wednesday noon, when the
      Turners reported the cancellation. Sadness, emptiness, not meeting the
      friends, no run.

      The second schock came an hour later: NO SNOW at Virginius!

      And there is almost no snow at Oscar's and just a finger thick running
      water in Porcupine! Dry.

      I met Lisa yesterday and told her: Can you imagine, what would happen
      with the future of the race if the the run produces a new fire and
      kills trees, plants, animals, maybe humans.

      Susi and I are still sad and recovering just very slowly, but the
      decicion of the board is a must and inevitable.
      See all of you next year at the latest.

      Hans und Susi
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