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680Re: Can I Ask Y'all (again) for a Favor to Help Save Hardrock???

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  • Kris
    Jun 20, 2002

      Take another look at the Durango Herald article. The management of the RR
      suspended operations because the conditions frightened them so much. No
      one has shut them down. They currently plan to resume operations July 3 if
      conditions permit.

      Ask anyone that has a fire looming in their local forest if they would
      prefer economic hardship. Or those that lost a house.

      Conditions are that bad out here. LANL posts data on moisture content of
      trees. It is currently off the bottom of the scale - too low to measure,
      which means below 3%. You can get wood with more moisture at Home
      Depot. The fire near Durango was started with a dropped cigarette butt or
      a spark on a road. It doesn't take much. I for one think they made the
      right choice.


      At 03:13 PM 6/20/2002 -0500, Rich Limacher wrote:
      >My Fellow Terror-Shook Americans:
      >Yes, this message is NUC. (Right.) But,
      >honest-to-goodness, I feel it's important--and not only to
      >America, but to us in this weird subculture called "ultras"
      >As you certainly must know by now, much of the State of
      >Colorado in ON FIRE!!!
      >Will these fires engulf and/or threaten the San Juan
      >Mountains or the National Forest that contains them--and
      >therefore the running of the 2002 Hardrock 100-Miler itself?
      >As of this moment, I don't know.
      >But I do subscribe to the "San Juan Mountain Journal" and
      >its e-mailed "Xpress," and you can see (below) what
      >yesterday they sent me.
      >So, sure. I went on-line at the "Durango Herald" website
      >and voted FOR the train. But then later last night I
      >learned that this wonderful tourist attraction [one of the
      >last surviving steam locomotive railroads in America] has
      >been shut down.
      >So today I've decided to send 'em a (yes, here we go again)
      >And now I'm asking you to do the same.
      >If you have time. If you care. And/or if you feel as I do
      >that, if at first they stop the train, how soon after will
      >they stop the Run?
      >Hey, we got 'em to open Frozen Head State Park (for a coupla
      >weeks), didn't we?
      >Well, let's get these next guys to stop shitting in their
      >pants every time the economy sparks.
      >Life's a risk. Let's not croak 'cuz we're scared to take
      >Your troubadour,
      >Rich Limacher
      >[feel free to plagiarize whatever you want of the following]
      >[THIS SENT TODAY to Jonathan Thompson and the Journal
      >[An expressed opinion for your publication in any form]
      >June 20, 2002
      >To Whom It May Concern:
      >It is indeed tragic what you're all going through.
      >Colorado, it seems, is all on fire. The "weather gods" are
      >against you, and you've certainly not been very lucky with
      >(if our newscasts are to be believed) the quality of
      >personnel recently employed by the Forest Service. For
      >sure, however, this will prove to be a rather horrible
      >exception to an otherwise sterling agency of government. I,
      >for one, appreciate the United States Forest Service more
      >than I can say.
      >But now the local powers that be, in and around Durango,
      >Silverton, and other communities, have apparently succeeded
      >in shutting down operations of the world-famous narrow-gauge
      >railroad only because, as you seem to think, it's such a
      >fire hazard.
      >And so are the cigarettes you or your children might smoke.
      >So are the paint cans in your garage. So are the
      >kerosene-soaked rags in your basement, or the unsealed wood
      >stain can on your back porch. And so is darn near
      >everything a lousy fire hazard.
      >But putting a stop to perhaps the most viable economic
      >resource in your whole valley (D&SNGRR) is, in my opinion,
      >almost like disowning your children because they might
      >embarrass you in front of the school board, or refuse to
      >paint anything because those cans might ignite, or leave
      >your porch untreated because some kid might just flick a cig
      >in the stain can and burn your whole house down.
      >I think you understand my point. It may seem a silly point,
      >but even after September 11th there are still a whole bunch
      >of folks working in skyscrapers and a whole bunch more
      >riding in airplanes. Weren't we told that to do anything
      >different would be to admit that the terrorists have won?
      >Well, how are your forest fires doing?
      >Are you going to let them win, too?
      >And put every honest store, shop, and tourist attraction in
      >southwestern Colorado right out of business?
      >I'm your customer! There are thousands and thousands more
      >like me! Where else are you going to collect the tax
      >revenues that help pay for all these forest services in the
      >first place? Including those legions of folks who now,
      >somehow, have to put the fires out?
      >Let me make my point even clearer: Don't turn Silverton
      >into a ghost town just because of what you're afraid the
      >train might do.
      >The railroad people are quite capable of watching after
      >their own tracks. And the minute they see a spark by them,
      >I guarantee you they'll stop, hop off, and put the lousy
      >spark out.
      >This is in their best interests, too. I say, "Give 'em a
      >Now I must return to work in my office building to earn the
      >money to buy the ticket to fly out for my next
      >very-much-yearned-for vacation to beautiful, yes, and sunny
      >Don't make me sit here all summer in polluted Illinois.
      >Thank you very much.
      >Most sincerely,
      >Richard J. Limacher
      >Matteson, IL
      >E-mail: TheTroubadour@...
      >----- Original Message -----
      >From: Jonathan Thompson < jpt@... >
      >To: Journal Xpress
      >Sent: Wednesday, June 19, 2002 10:03 AM
      >Subject: Xpress Fire Update--6/19/02
      >Train, Train, Train
      >The latest chapter in the controversy regarding the train
      >and the fire danger has opened on the Durango Herald webpage
      >(www.durangoherald.com), where the survey asks "should the
      >train continue operating during this time of extreme fire
      >As of 9 a.m., 73% said "NO"; 24% said "YES". Approximately
      >1,700 votes had been cast. To cast your vote, go to the
      >==> If you'd like to express an opinion on this issue, send
      >us a letter--we can zap it out by e-mail to our subscribers
      >and/or run it in the print edition.
      >[Thanks for the opportunity. I truly do hope this helps!]
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