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613RE: [hr100] Starting and Waiting Lists for the 2002 Hardrock Hundred

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  • Steve Pero
    Feb 11, 2002
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      Hi gang...

      I'd also like to mention that I thought the committee did a really fine job
      in the selection process. What a tough job it must have been...to see some
      of your friends not make it into the race...and to understand the fairness
      of it all, look at some of the names...Tom Gunnison, Peter Bakwin, Jim
      Sweatt, Martin Miller, Keith Knipling (who was hoping to finish with his
      dad, Gary)and many more from the Hardrock 'family'.

      Deb and I had planned or was hoping to get in so that we could finish as a
      married couple after "engaging' ourselves atop Virginius last year during
      the run, but now the best we can hope for is for me to get in (I'm 19th on
      the WL) and she paces me in from Ouray and we still finish as we had planned
      together. No matter what, we are still planning on coming out and do the
      course marking and join in on all of the festivities leading up to race day.

      There are many sad and disappointed runners today...maybe in the future
      there should be some 3 times your in rule ala Western States, so that many
      different runners get to enjoy and experience the San Juans in July.

      see you all in July!
      Steve Pero

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