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567RE: [hr100] Apologies To All

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  • Maslanka, Bozena (SC)
    Nov 15, 2001
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      I need to apologize for the comments I made to you. You will always be my
      friend no matter what. Looking back at my poor performance every time at
      Hardrock makes everyone question my ability. I keep coming back to Hardrock
      because I love the race, the runners, race directors, volunteers.
      I come early and spend time with my friends trail marking, listening to
      everyone's interesting stories.
      The last time Joel Zuker run at Hardrock I was with him for most of the
      race. Since we were the last two runners he made sure that I didn't get
      lost. I got stock in mud knee deep and was not able to get out of it,
      without Joel and two of our pacers I might still be out there stuck in the
      I'm sure the front runners don't have the kind of stories to tell like us. I
      bet that the rocks are not moving for them, they don't see Dinosaurs, cars
      on trail, Knights and other interesting objects.
      My English is not so good but I'm trying to make a point that we are all
      unique and all love Hardrock.
      We should let the race committee decide what the requirements are for the
      race entry, so far they have done outstanding job.
      Sorry again the outburst, you are still my friend.
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