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551RE: [hr100] Hardrock Hundred Clarification

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  • Maslanka, Bozena (SC)
    Nov 13, 2001
      I will try not insult you because I thought that you were very intelligent
      What is wrong with you, have you lost it completely?
      Please read all the responses you made and seek medical help. It may not be
      too late.
      All the glory and t-shirts you mention earlier, well what is up with the one
      pair of shorts and one pair of t-shirt you have been wearing for the past
      four years.
      Stop making ass of yourself.

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      From: Matt Mahoney [mailto:matmahoney@...]
      Sent: Monday, November 12, 2001 5:46 PM
      To: hr100@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: RE: [hr100] Hardrock Hundred Clarification

      --- "Maslanka, Bozena (SC)" <bmaslank@...>
      > Matt,
      > Since you sound like you have a lot of money to
      > spend, can you pay my entry
      > fee?

      Sure, at Wickham Park :-)

      > Please don't forget that not everyone is use to
      > sleeping in one person tent
      > and take baths in cold rivers.

      I think it's good training. I don't know if anyone
      else has noticed but it seems to me that people that
      demand the most comfort outside the race are the first
      ones to drop out when the going gets tough.

      > Please be more sensitive making silly suggestions.

      I don't think it's silly. If you have 200 entrants
      and 100 slots, then half of them aren't going to like
      the selection process no matter how fair you try to
      make it. I think it's noble that Hardrock intends to
      keep the entry fee below what the market will bear,
      but then they just have to substitute some other
      arbitrary hurdle to limit entries. This could be a
      lottery (like Western States), a trail work
      requirement (like Wasatch), or tougher qualifying
      standards (like the world championships or Ironman).
      "None of the above" is not an option. You must choose
      names somehow, and there is no way to do it and still
      keep everyone happy.

      The point of my previous post was to ask what is so
      special about Hardrock that it fills up when there are
      plenty of cheap or free races? It is not like you
      have to have a lot of money to run ultras. But if you
      want prestige, I think you should have to pay for it.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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