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546Re: [hr100] Hardrock Hundred Clarification

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  • jfisher
    Nov 12, 2001
      Hey Matt
      (Can I give you a little personal advise -- free of charge
      You best back off your arrogant attitude, and maybe even consider
      before you put your foot into it a little further than you can chew.)
      Your cold logic and rational below do not cover up your total lack of
      understanding, glory grabbing, patting yourself on the back or whatever it is
      that you are doing, and thinking the rest of the HR100 runners are to dumb to
      see through it.

      GET THIS plain and simple, the Hardrock is not about prestige, recognition,
      money, being noble, or whatever else is in your mind. If as you stated so
      clearly below in your reply to Bozena and also in your reply to Joe Clapper,
      in your mind you equate the specialness of the Hardrock with prestige,
      recognition, or whatever else you are projecting onto it -- then you have
      missed the point of the run entirely. It is very sad that even though you
      have been there many years, you could not see through your own little
      attention grabbing world, to see the real beauty of what the Hardrock 100
      really is. 1st as stated in so many of the HR100 documents this event is
      about the runners testing themselves against those incredibly beautiful
      mountains. 2nd It is about the runners period; testing themselves personally,
      reaching past themselves -- out to other runners, camaraderie, seeing the
      inner beauty and strengths of the other runners and helpers on the course.
      (Not just seeing everyone else as more people upon which to inflict yourself
      and as victims upon whom your can expound your personal glories and athletic
      feats) This is a lesson that you would best learn from Joel Zuker. Every
      person associated with the Hardrock felt a great loss with his departure,
      because we were all his friends --- because he saw all of us as friends (not
      competitors, to play one up-man-ship verbal games with). Joel never met a
      stranger, every person he encountered he instantly saw a friend. And he
      equally instantly reached out to be of service, to contribute to the life of
      his newly found friend. That is what the Hardrock is about -- FRIENDS,
      voluntarily contributing to each other, because they are our friends, because
      we care about them. Again it is sad that you have missed one of the real
      beauties of the Hardrock, the other people (because you were so busy looking
      at yourself) The Hardrock is about the joy, happiness, the friendships, the
      love that get created when people come together with respect for each other
      and for the common purpose of running through the mountains together.

      My suggestion to the selection committee of -- Contributing to others (this
      event) because you care about them, is not an arbitrary hurdle. (and it is
      not one that you could probably leap over or crawl under) If all you have to
      contribute is -- raise the price, raise the price, make them pay, make them
      pay -- then you best keep your mouth shut and contribute nothing at all. I
      and many others are embarrassed that you could not even see Bozena's or Joe's
      genuine concern (financially) for themselves and for others, and that
      Bozena's hints were to subtle for you, that you chose instead to add further
      insult to injury. You best go take a bath in an icy river yourself and chill
      out your inflated (recognition and prestige seeking) ego. These things do not
      belong at the Hardrock.

      Joel Zuker, Joe Clapper, Bozena Maslanka, & I may never run Nolan's 14 but
      there are a few things you can still learn from us, actually something you
      are desperately seeking -- a way out of your lonelyness. Please consider what
      was offered here, out of genuine compassion for you.

      Finally Matt, I am sincerely sorry that I had to be the one who had to be so
      blunt and crude to you -- you asked for it many times and others were to
      polite. As said above, I am deeply saddened that you have failed to find one
      of the real goals and beauty of the Hardrock, FRIENDS, connecting sincerely
      and genuinely with the other people. Please come this next year with that
      being your goal. For you it will be harder than running the course -- I
      guarentee you Matt the reward will also be much greater. It's called

      Jim Fisher

      Matt Mahoney wrote:

      > --- "Maslanka, Bozena (SC)" <bmaslank@...>
      > wrote:
      > > Matt,
      > > Since you sound like you have a lot of money to
      > > spend, can you pay my entry
      > > fee?
      > Sure, at Wickham Park :-)
      > > Please don't forget that not everyone is use to
      > > sleeping in one person tent
      > > and take baths in cold rivers.
      > I think it's good training. I don't know if anyone
      > else has noticed but it seems to me that people that
      > demand the most comfort outside the race are the first
      > ones to drop out when the going gets tough.
      > > Please be more sensitive making silly suggestions.
      > I don't think it's silly. If you have 200 entrants
      > and 100 slots, then half of them aren't going to like
      > the selection process no matter how fair you try to
      > make it. I think it's noble that Hardrock intends to
      > keep the entry fee below what the market will bear,
      > but then they just have to substitute some other
      > arbitrary hurdle to limit entries. This could be a
      > lottery (like Western States), a trail work
      > requirement (like Wasatch), or tougher qualifying
      > standards (like the world championships or Ironman).
      > "None of the above" is not an option. You must choose
      > names somehow, and there is no way to do it and still
      > keep everyone happy.
      > The point of my previous post was to ask what is so
      > special about Hardrock that it fills up when there are
      > plenty of cheap or free races? It is not like you
      > have to have a lot of money to run ultras. But if you
      > want prestige, I think you should have to pay for it.
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