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544RE: [hr100] Hardrock Hundred Clarification

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  • Keith Knipling
    Nov 12, 2001
      One thing you should know about Matt Mahoney is that EVERYTHING he writes
      should be taken with a grain of salt. While his posts are usually
      informative, accurate, and beneficial, everything he says is usually said
      very much tongue-in-cheek. Whatever he says, though eccentric as it may
      seem, is usually genuine and never intended to insult anyone.

      Now to comment on what Joe said:

      I believe we should be going the other way and reaching out to
      younger people of lesser means.

      Right on! I hope 26 on a student budget qualifies. I think the committee
      should accept all applicants outside of 2 standard deviations of the mean
      age, which I'm guessing is 42 or so (i.e. the young guys and the old guys).
      This makes things more interesting than having 120 baby boomers. It also
      guarantees John DeWalt a position at the starting line. If there's any
      crime in all of this selection process, it would be John DeWalt missing an
      opportunity to continue his impressive string of finishes at Hardrock.

      Do I expect anyone to take me seriously? No. Just trying to provide some
      levity to an apparently tense situation. We supposedly run for recreation,
      not for another source of stress in our lives.


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      Since you sound like you have a lot of money to spend, can you pay my entry
      Please don't forget that not everyone is use to sleeping in one person tent
      and take baths in cold rivers. How about the money the rest of us spend it
      town where the race is. How about hotels, food. Don't forget that not
      everyone is a teacher and has two months vacation every summer. Some of us
      have to take unpaid time off from work. And most important, most of us have
      Please be more sensitive making silly suggestions.

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      From: Matt Mahoney [mailto:matmahoney@...]
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      --- clapper@... wrote:
      > I usually let the chatter go by, but I have to speak
      > up on this one.
      > Limiting entries by raising the fee sends our sport
      > in the same direction
      > as skiing and golf: towards the upper middle class,
      > white suburban, middle
      > age elite.

      I thought we already did that. In any case, there's
      plenty of cheap or free ultras, like the MTN RNR
      series, Barkley, Nolan's 14, and lots of fat ass races
      including some 100 milers. They can be short or long,
      easy or as tough as you like, just like the "real"
      ultras that charge big entry fees and have lotteries
      or trail work requirements. The only difference I can
      see is that in a "real" ultra you get a T-shirt that
      people will recognize. "Oh yeah, I saw that race on
      TV. It looked really tough" instead of "Wickham Park,
      what's that?" Sorry, recognition is in big demand and
      there is a short supply of it, so simple economics
      says you gotta pay for it. Or is there some other
      reason to run the big ultras?

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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