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539Re: [hr100] Hardrock Hundred Clarification

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  • Matt Mahoney
    Nov 11, 2001
      I think the best way to limit entries to Hardrock is
      to raise the entry fee and let the market take care of
      it. A few years ago I took a survey to see how much
      people would pay to run Western States if they could
      be guaranteed entry. The answer was that about half
      would be willing to pay $300, which was about twice
      the entry fee at the time, when the acceptance rate
      was 50%. Considering inflation and all the publicity
      we got on TV, you probably need to charge about

      Of course, volunteers should get guaranteed, free
      entry as a reward. Don't forget that in 1997 I spent
      14 hours with Don Winkley and Hal Winton pulling
      markers from Maggie Gulch to Handies Peak on the
      Monday after the race. I also went on several course
      marking hikes, but these don't count since it's just
      Charlie Thorn marking the course and 20 people tagging

      I also think race directors should get free entry.
      I'll give all Hardrock staff and volunteers free entry
      to the Wickham Park 200.

      You could also take the Leadville approach and accept
      500 runners with no qualifications. This really isn't
      so bad, since most runners will be dropping out at
      Arrastra Gulch when they realize they have to get
      their feet wet...

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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