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495RE: [hr100] Moving to New Hampshire

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  • Herr, Dennis B.
    Aug 30, 2001
      I've heard another unofficial motto for NH:

      Live, freeze and die!

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      Subject: [hr100] Moving to New Hampshire

      Hey Everybody!!!

      Steve and I are packing up and moving outta heah!! We're headed up north by
      one state- to the wonderful land of mountains and trees and rivers and
      ponds- Beautiful New Hampshire ( official state motto: "Live Free or Die" -
      unofficial state motto: "Go Away and Leave Us Alone") Home of Yankee
      magazine and the Old Farmer's Almanac and the White Mountains.

      I am leaving my job here, so need to let you know that this email address
      will not be good after Sept 7. soooooo...
      you can reach us both at Steve's email of s_pero@.... I am also at
      rundebrun@... (rundebrun- get it?)
      Our new mailing address is General Delivery, Dublin, NH 03444. Does that
      indicate anything about the size of our new hometown??????

      see ya'll!!!

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