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457Re: [hr100] Re: HardRock100 story (looooong)

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  • Stevan Pattillo
    Jul 30 12:12 PM
      Steve Pero,
      I don't know of any historical "beasts" in the San Juans. I do agree with
      Joe about the 'ninety miles stupid" part. My imagination is furtile enough
      without anybody suggesting anything and really setting me off. In '98 my
      wife/pacer and I were wandering down the road from the Uncompahgre river
      crossing toward Ouray and encountered a spitting over-pressiure valve on
      the water line. I was certain that it was a bear. Throw in fourty-plus
      hours on my feet and a room temperature IQ and I'm off in the ozone.
      It does seem odd that you all had similar 'visions" I'd contact the Vatican.
      Steve Pattillo
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