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447Re: [hr100] Re: HardRock100 story (looooong)

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  • robert boeder
    Jul 28, 2001
      That was John Cappis looking for cheaters.

      At 02:35 PM 7/28/2001 -0000, you wrote:
      >Good story Joe....brought back many memories, especially the fact
      >that I wasn't far behind you, so shared many of the same experiences.
      >Not having a pacer through the final three miles really slowed me
      >down though and as long as I didn't see any lights behind me, didn't
      >feel the need to move faster ;-)
      >One thing in your story triggered a memory that I had only shared
      >with Deb....
      >While you were running down the road into Arrastra, you saw a dark
      >figure on the road.
      >Well, I also saw a dark figure, but even though it was very dark out,
      >I could somewhat make it out. When I first came running down the
      >road, my light caught the green eyes looking back at me and as I got
      >closer to it, the "labrador retriever" size animal lept very cat like
      >into the woods on the right. With one hop, it must've jumped ten feet
      >up! (No, I was not hallucinating)
      >Does anyone know what this could have been? Have there been any
      >mountain lion sightings that close to Silverton?
      >All I know is it scared the heck out of me and I cautiously moved a
      >little quicker down the road, shining my light behind from time to
      >see you all next year!
      >Steve Pero
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