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410Re: [hr100] Hardrock Coverage

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  • R.A. Fry
    Jul 21, 2001
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      I hope all of you who ran, paced, crewed, volunteered, directed, or "whatever" at
      the HR this year are getting back to your baseline mental functioning.

      My family has been subscribing to SI for a while, but I somehow missed any notices
      about the Adventure mag. The first I heard of it was, I believe, in a message to this group.

      I went to the SI web site today, and the adventure mag is there. But, the Hardrock story,
      titled "Withering Heights", as well as one other of the six stories, is not available on-line.

      I called the tool-free number available on-line, and had the adventure mag added to
      our subscription, and was also promised I would receive the current copy in the mail (2-3 weeks).
      I will be happy to scan the article and e-mail it to anyone who has not been able to read it.

      I enjoyed meeting a lot of you "Hardrockers". I hope to get back out there to atempt the
      whole thing either next year or 2003. I sure do envy those of you still at altitude,
      especially as I anticipate going down to Mohican State Forest to run on an extremely
      humid 90 degree day. I'd rather be trying to suck in that thin air anyday. We may
      not be subject to HAPE here, but one surely can be left feeling like a damp rag.

      Happy trails to all!

      Robin Fry
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      If you have the CNNSI channel you can watch Cover to Cover.
      It has a nice piece on Hardrock done by the author of the
      piece in Sports Illustrated Adventure. I just saw it this
      afternoon and liked it. In our channel guide they just call
      the program Sports Illustrated. It is kind of a preview of
      the current magazine. The times from the web site show
      SAT 9AM est, 2:30PM est, 8:30PM est, and SUN NOON est.
      It seems to not be staggered by time zones. In my guide the
      first program is at 7:AM mst. Hope that makes sense.
      I talked to someone at SI about getting a copy of SI
      Adventure but they said it is an insert put in subscription
      copies by request only. She said they did not have them to
      sell. If anyone knows how to obtain one please let me know.
      I will be in NYC on Monday and go into the building and see
      if that will work.

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