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  • Mitchell A. Rossman
    Feb 10, 2000

      Thanks for the invitation. I will be in the Silverton area on 24 June. I plan
      on a fast backpack trip on the last part of the Hardrock course. If I change my
      plans, I would like to hook up with you for the climbs on the Nolan's 14 course.
      Good luck with your training.

      Mitch Rossman

      "Matt Mahoney" <matmahoney@...> on 02/10/2000 12:19:51 PM

      Please respond to hr100@egroups.com

      To: hr100@...
      cc: (bcc: Mitchell A. Rossman/MIPP/Imation)
      Subject: [hr100] hi

      I guess it's going to be hr100, not hardrock100. Anyway, I will be
      returning this summer. I plan to acclimate for 4 weeks and spend the
      first part of July in the Sawatch range south of Leadville training for
      the Nolan's 14 probably in 2001 while acclimating to the altitude.
      Anyone interested in hiking some 14'ers?

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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