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386Re: [hr100] Training in the Sawatch range

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  • Matt Mahoney
    Jul 1, 2001
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      --- clapper@... wrote:
      > Now you wait a minute. She promise to go white
      > kayaking with me tomorrow
      > morning and Mt biking in the afternoon.
      > Joe

      Oops, I meant Sue Johnston, not Thompson. Anyway Sue
      didn't climb with us on Princeton because she was
      sick, coughing up green stuff or something. Bozena
      Maslanka is going home because of a leg injury (kicked
      in a soccer game a few weeks ago), so she will not be
      running Hardrock.

      On Friday Ginny LaForme and I climbed Princeton from
      Maxwell Gulch, starting on the CO trail at 344 (2 mi.
      S of Avalanche Gulch) to Grouse Canyon. We started at
      7:45 AM, reached the abandoned jeep road up Maxwell
      Gulch at 9:30 AM, the summit at 12:45 AM, Alpine at
      3:15 PM, and finished at 3:45 PM. The jeep road
      climbs steeply along the north side of the drainage
      until it reaches the open meadow at 10,800 ft. We
      climbed a steep slope of scree and loose rock from
      13,200 ft. to a saddle 80 ft. below the summit on the
      west ridge. This was a very dangerous climb, as the
      rocks (up to 2 ft. wide) were all loose due to the
      steepness. I think I would prefer to hike the extra 2
      miles to the east ridge trail.

      We descended directly over the top of point 13971,
      following Roach's Grouse Canyon route. The descent
      off the ridge to treeline is rocky, steep, and
      dangerous with loose rocks. I nearly hit Ginny with a
      2 ft. long rock after I started a slide. Most of the
      time we took parallel routes down so as to avoid this
      problem. We had good weather for the climb, but
      descended in a thunderstorm and hail.

      We found a good class 1 trail that is not on any map
      that I know of. The trail is obvious. It leaves the
      drainage going west at 10,800 ft, approximately
      following the contour lines except that it descends at
      about a 10% grade for 2 miles to 9800 ft. at the west
      end of Alpine, on road 273C (dirt), 3 blocks north of
      the main road (273). From there you can go 1/4 mile
      west to the bridge at Baldwin Gulch for the climb up
      Antero. We didn't know about the trail so we hiked
      1.5 miles east back to the car (we used a 2 car
      shuttle). This is a vastly better route than
      descending directly to Grouse Canyon as described by
      Roach, as we had planned to do.

      My quads were real stiff the next day as I drove 500
      miles to the Sawyer Mt. run, which I ran today (27 mi.
      in 8:11, 8000-10000 ft, 4500 ft climb on trails).
      Strangely enough, my legs aren't sore any more except
      for about 20 scratches where the trail was overgrown
      with alder (thorny like sawbriers).

      > "Mike Dobies" <traildog@...> on 06/28/2001
      > 08:58:44 PM
      > Please respond to hr100@yahoogroups.com
      > To: <hr100@yahoogroups.com>
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      > Subject: Re: [hr100] Training in the Sawatch range
      > Matt Mahoney <matmahoney@...> wrote:
      > To: <hr100@yahoogroups.com>;
      > <nolans14@yahoogroups.com>
      > > Tomorrow morning (Fri) Sue Thompson, Ginny LaForme
      > and
      > > I will be traversing Mt. Princeton N to S. If you
      > > want to join us, meet at Grouse Canyon at 700 AM
      > or
      > > Avalanche Gulch at 730 AM. Then I will camp at
      > > Winfield and we will climb another 14er tomorrow,
      > > maybe La Plata or Huron. If you can't make it
      > then,
      > > look for me at Winfield on 7/3-6. I have a rented
      > > white Daewoo and a small blue tent.
      > Hey, wait a minute!
      > Sue Thompson had already promised to help me drive
      > from
      > Michigan to Colorado, starting tomorrow afternoon!
      > See ya in Silverton, Matt.
      > Mike Dobies
      > traildog@...

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...

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