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3565HRH LT100 call for volunteers

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  • Diana Finkel
    Jul 29, 2014
      Hello Hardrockers- It’s never too early to fulfill the service requirement for the 2015 lottery and it’s always fun to volunteer at an ultra.  Ben and I are hoping we can bring a bit of the Hardrock aid station professionalism to the Leadville 100 and we’d love to include as many people from the HR community as possible. 
      The Winfield aid station is the 50 mile turn around at Leadville- it’s a beautiful location and a fun way to spend a day assisting fellow runners, corralling pacers and giving back to the ultra community.  Perhaps you’ve heard the nightmare stories from the 2013 running of the LT 100- yes, there was a bit of chaos.  Having experienced ultrarunners working in the aid station will help the runners pass through with ease while getting their needs met.  The Leadville race directors have new plans for crowd control and to reduce traffic congestion this year; we’ll see how that works out, we’re hoping it helps reduce the chaos. 
      Leadville is the other major Colorado 100 and bringing a bit of the HR ethos will help the race reduce trail impact and give the runners a fun, safe and enjoyable time out on the trail.  And, after spending a day at the LT 100, your love for HR (the trail, the community, the number of runners) will be increased (if that’s possible).  Leadville does an impressive job of recycling and even composting at aid stations so it’s not all bad news.
      Want to help?  We need volunteers and would love any and all Hardrock volunteers.  Plan to spend the day- Saturday, Aug 16- from 9am to 8pm at Winfield (south of Leadville about 21 miles on Highway 24 then 14 miles down a rough-ish road).   Food and beer for all volunteers as well as a fun day in the mountains.  Free camping at Winfield. 
      Feel free to ask away if you have any questions and if you’re coming, please let us know:
      Diana Finkel and Ben Woodbeck