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3561Neglected Thanks!!

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  • Lois MacKenzie
    Jul 20, 2014

      I fear I neglected many thanks at the Awards Ceremony.
      The cleaning crew at the American Legion building now owned by the Silverton Mountain Ski Area (http://silvertonmountain.com ) included not only Liz Bauer and Scott Brockmeier  but also Dan Novak, a many year volunteer from Ouray, Juli Hooks and her children , Scott Kuhn, Robert Andrulis and James Varner.
      Thanks to Silverton Mountain for appreciating our hard work and letting us use the space once again.
      Once we got started organizing and cooking, the team included, again, Dan Novak, Juli and the kids, Levi Burford, Susan McSomething, Josh Gordon, Mike Donovan and my friend from Houston Texas Fran Bennett (Bud Phillip's) sister.
      Your Aid Station Captains this year were:
      Paul Wainwright @ KT started the same year I did so will get a 10 year pin.
      Bonnie Crysdale @ Cunningham
      Mike Denton @ Chapman
      Pat McKenzie @Telluride a 15 year veteran
      Roch Horton @ Krogers Kanteen- well no words are sufficient!
      Eric Schmidt @ Govenors served his 20th year!! I can only hope he can forgive me for not paying more attention!!
      Brad Bishop @ Ouray- Merry Christmas to one and all!!
      Eric Hornbacher @Engineer
      Bill Somers @ Grouse
      Peter Rabover @ Burrows Park
      Martha Lavine @ Sherman
      Will Rietveld and Janet Reichl @ Pole Creek
      Dave Pearson @ Maggie also has been with us for 20 Years!!!
      Bonnie Crysdale @ Cunningham
      Andrea Feucht @ Finish Line.
      Without all these volunteers Hardrock 100 Endurance Run could not happen! And even they need to “dig deep” sometimes during the run! We are all part of the same tribe!! Thank you all Runners and Volunteers!!
      Keep in Touch,