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3402RE: safe and effective inhaler use for asthma

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  • bowcrowley
    Feb 6, 2014



      I did mucho research before my 2012 HRH regarding acclimatization and spent days going up and down Mt Whitney with Dr Marty Hoffman where we discussed the topic in detail that can only be found - well doing hill repeats on Whitney! 


      Net-net, we concluded, based upon the plethora of research on the topic, that 9-10 days prior to the event in an ideal period of acclimatization.  And that regular exposure to altitudes over 11K feet was also recommended, especially during physical exertion. 


      I practiced the above both for 2012 and 2013 and indeed had no issues with AMS.  I did have a bad bout of shortness of breath during ascents from Telluride to the finish (counter-clockwise course) in 2013 which we later determined to believe was an allergic reaction to the wild flowers which were in extraordinary bloom in the meadows. 


      So in summary, go early and find a Cat House above 11K ;-)

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