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3399Re: [HR100] safe and effective inhaler use for asthma

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  • Deb
    Feb 5, 2014
       Hey wait! Since pot is now going to be available for sale in silverton, just take some of that with you.  It might not fix your breathing, but then, you won't care..., :-)

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      On Feb 5, 2014, at 12:16 PM, <hbreinan@...> wrote:


      Thank you to those of you who have responded.  Some of you communicated with me about meds as well, so I thought I would add that in to the discussion, and a little more on my history.    If you read on it seems to me that, based on the lack of any other symptoms, what I had is some sort of on an asthma type reaction (not AMS or PE).  I am gathering from others that the "asthma-like" symptoms are hard to pin down or even to fully categorize.  As for other meds, I take Singulair as described below, and  know I saw one runner with Advair beforehand.  My doc gave me that before Leadville, but as you will see, I don't think it helped.   

      Here's some extra background and info:

      I had exercise induced asthma diagnosed in about 1999.  I had trouble breathing one day doing hill repeats in the cold of winter and just backed off.  Later that summer I had to go to the ER after an episode on a hard bike ride on a hot/humid day.  I was given an inhaler and put on Singulair.  I never once used the inhaler.  The Singulair seemed to be the key... once or twice I started to go off it and had slight breathing issues surface.  As long as I have been on it I had no problems until HR2011.

      The extreme altitude and time at exertion seems to be a clear factor.  I had no trouble at Tahoe Rim Trail 100 (moderate altitude- maybe 8K on average, 25 hours) in 2010.  My longest run outside the 100's was a 56 mile hut traverse (about 18 hours) in the White Mountains.  No problems there.  But no real altitude,even with climbs up to 4000' vertical

      In 2011 Hardrock I had moderate acclimatization... I  arrived in Ouray Sunday morning and slept in Silverton 3 nights and Little Molas campground (?11,300?)  2 nights leading up to the race.   I have had the high altitude headache in the past my first night at elevation, but did not have it on this trip.   I had no other symptoms during the race (i.e. weakness or lightheadedness) but of course was limited on climbs such as Green Mountain, Handies, and Virginius just by the thin air.  No distress there... just take it easy and pause from time to time.  I have watched Bruce Grant's 2009 vimeo (thanks for that jewel of a video!) and liken it to his climb up Handies.   I may have muttered something like "let's get the heck out of here" at the top of Handies, but overall I enjoyed the early climbs and took them on with energy and desire.  I am not sure, but I would say my breathing was no worse than Bruce shows, probably better over the first half of the course (however I was probably 3 hours behind his pace, so not pushing as hard).   But when I got to Oscars, then Grant Swamp it was nothing like this... I had to pause every uphill step and felt terrible from not being able to breathe.   But I was able to run down immediately on the other side of both passes with little to no distress.

         I was scared to continue with the breathing problems and dropped from KT and immediately went to the race doc. He confirmed that there were no signs of pulmonary edema and I did get some relief from taking an albuterol treatment from a vaporizer.  He described it as I had just "beat the crap out of my airways"  I don't remember coughing stuff up.  It sounds like if I get it again I will be able to push through safely. 

      Leadville this year I had no acclimatization... I arrived in Leadville about 18 hours before the start of the race.  My doc had put me on Advair a few weeks before the race.  That did not seem to benefit me based on the symptoms I had soon after finishing.  I don't know why I didn't use my inhaler AFTER finishing... that would have been a good experiment.     I did have some thick stuff in the back of my throat later in the race... not too bad though.  I get post nasal drip running in the cold of winter here in New England that can be much worse.  I thought this represented perhaps an accumulation of that drip... I don't recall it being green.



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