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3310Re: [hr100] Hardrock registration link

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  • Deb
    Oct 2, 2013
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      But if all national parks are closed, would this include yhe national forest and campgrounds where Chimera is held? Just wondering......
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      On Oct 2, 2013, at 10:30 AM, Sean Cunniff <scunniff@...> wrote:


      If the HR Committee is looking for a Grindstone substitute, I would suggest Chimera.  I have run all of the races Olga references (San Diego, Chimera, and Bighorn), and I believe Chimera is the most difficult of the lot.  While it is not very high, Chimera involves a great deal of climbing, including some real monsters.

      I also get the impression that Olga may not be the only one banking on Grindstone for a qualifier.  Perhaps making Chimera a one-time qualifier under these extraordinary circumstances would be a reasonable and humane action by the Committee.  Maybe Congress will then take note of the Committee's magnanimity and rally together to terminate this shutdown nonsense, resulting in a miraculous, last-second restoration of Grindstone.

      On Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 2:06 PM, Olga King <olgav100@...> wrote:

      Dale and board,

      Grindstone 100, the final race this season that is a qualifying 100 Mile race for Hardrock lottery, is on a  verge of cancellation (it is suspended as of now until further notice, and the chances are slim regardless of government return or not). That said, and without going into ANY politics and with full support of Clark Zeland and the unfortunate potential turn of events, are there any chances of some other races being added to the list of qualifiers, either from ones still to be run this year (Chimera has some elevation gain), or from those that had been run already and had tried to submit their race name as a qualifier (San Diego 100 comes to mind, and as I ran it 2 other times besides this year, I do believe it is a race that in difficulty equals to WS100 and Bighorn 100).

      It is simply a question, I hope to not hurt anybody and simply scrambling for answers as my last chance seem to drift away.

      Best regards,

      On Mon, Sep 30, 2013 at 10:36 PM, Dale Garland <hardrock100@...> wrote:

      For those of you whop like direct links, here is the link to the Hardrock
      registration page on Ultrasignup


      Dale G.

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