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33[hr100] Re: gaiters etc.

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  • Ginny La Forme
    Feb 23, 2000

      I wear the really short strtchy OR gaitors. Have lots of problems w/ rocks
      & snow in shoes: poss. because my heels and ankles are so narrow. My feet
      are wet all the time, gaitors or not. That's life in heaven, uh, I mean
      the HRH course. I tried full ht smart wool socks, but they bunched up in my
      shoes when wet, so I'm back to dbl layer cool max, need some higher ones to
      be more comfy under gaitors.

      I wear a tank top or sports bra ( I think the guys would look cute in these
      & not have nipple problems ) with a hi tec long sleeve over that. My long
      sleeves have a long enough zipper so I can pull them on & off my shoulders&
      leave them around my waist w/out taking off my shoulder strapped water
      pack. I carry a very light fully water proof jacket that doesnt breath, the
      whole way. I've even used plastic disposable jackets w/ good results. I can
      pull the back of the jacket down from around my waist on snow slides and
      dont need tights or wind pants, except at night ( esp. the 2'nd night) (
      but Charlie & a Lot of you folks wouldn't know about that ! ) I also use
      some kinda fleece top @ night. Oh yeah ! I do also wear shorts the whole

      Last year I used a waist pack for the 2'nd !/2 and had stomach problems for
      the 1'st time, so now I'm comitted to my shoulder pack. I'm going to carry
      a titanium cup for drinking out of streams where I think it might be safe,
      since other folks are doing it w/ no harm. This worked well for us in the
      Eco Challange in BC.

      See Y'all

      Ginny La Forme rlaforme@...
      325 Onate St. 505-753-3291
      Espanola, NM 87532 505-753-8340
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