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3289John DeWalt

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  • Lois MacKenzie
    Aug 20, 2013
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      The reason there is no milk products in your potato soup is John. He was adamant that milk increases phlegm production, so I tell all of our fantastic volunteer chefs "No Milk or butter in the potato soup! John says so!"

      We would go on walks before the run and I would show him plants he could eat and he would bless me by acting like he thought I was special for sharing with him.It was him that was special.

      One morning I sat at his feet on Charlie's floor while he read his bible, which he did every morning.

      But then there was that finger! He dislocated his little finger coming down to Ouray from Engineer. He finished the run with that finger sticking out at a very unnatural angle. He insisted I pull on it, which was unsuccessful and then resisted going to the ED until I got mad at him. 

      One run, he knew he had time so stopped in at Charlie's for a shower before crossing the line with a couple minutes short of 48 hrs. 
      May we all be such a blessing to each other as he was to each of us. He was The Elder of our Tribe.

      Keep in Touch,

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