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  • Michael Bur
    Aug 13, 2013
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      Carl -
      That is a true story but I'm pretty sure it happened in PA -- he had a
      house in PA as well as in Fla.
      He had set off on his own little training adventure/journey run --
      just an 'ol fashioned loosely planned adventure ramble - roads,
      trails, across fields, powerline cuts, whatever - just riff as you go
      along. The plan was to go one way and call home for a ride when he
      was done, whenever/wherever that may be.
      The scene at the diner more or less unfolded as you describe but when
      the cops showed up, they not only thought he was homeless, they
      thought he was delusional too since they couldn't believe his story of
      running on foot on this hot, humid day from where he was telling them
      where he lived since it was over 30 miles away! He didn't have his id
      and had very little money on him -- they called the number he gave
      them but no one answered so that was part of the story too. He did
      get a little annoyed since they just refused to believe what he was
      telling them so that probably escalated the encounter as well...I can
      totally see this, John could sometimes have a "matter of fact, of
      course this is the way is is/was" in his delivery. So yes, they took
      him in as a vagrant until they could sort it all out.

      What a great, classic DeWalt story, thanks for reminding me, Carl.

      On 8/13/2013 at 2:55 PM, "Carl Laniak" wrote:that picture of him
      leaning on the yellow gate....

      even us newbies knew that guy was special.

      moving along in a freezing rain in Pennsylvania one time.
      feeling sorry for myself with a leaky jacket.
      up comes Johnny D.
      mumbles (says) something like, "well, the weather ain't too good, you
      pulls out a trash bag from his little pack.
      cuts a couple holes in it with his pocket knife.
      sticks his head and arms through....
      keeps going.
      ear to ear.
      he told me one time (i love imitating his storytelling)
      about a long run in the heat in south florida so many years ago.
      he went in a shoney's and mumbled (asked for some water).
      the waitress was taken aback by this homeless guy, dripping sweat,
      like a drunk, and demanding water.
      john said he was so hot and dehydrated that he was a little delirious.
      she got the water, and took it to him.
      john tried to take it, but he was a bit out of it and spilled it
      the manager took one look and listen to john and told him he better
      he really needed the water so he sat and waited a few minutes to
      by the time he was ready to ask nicely again for water
      (and if you knew john you know he didn't have an unkind or ungrateful
      in his body)
      the police had been summoned and they, "threw [him] in tha clink!"

      maybe the ones who knew him better can say whether that story is true,
      i don't think it matters.
      when he told it, he had a glint in his eye and was happy. and we all
      laughed and loved him for it.

      what we saw in him, that was something to strive for in our own lives.
      RIP john.
      thank you for being you.
      On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 1:46 PM, Michael Bur wrote:

      > DeWalt in front of the Silverton Gym, 2009:
      > DeWalt after a 24 ROGAINE in PA in May 2009(Dobies on his right):
      > DeWalt grabs his page, Book 1, Barkley 2009:
      > video clip:
      > DeWalt at the famed Barkley "Yellow Gate":
      > Three GIANTS of ultrarunning - DeWalt, Herr and Horton:

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