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3208Hardrock update on West Fork fire

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  • Dale Garland
    Jul 1, 2013
      Hi Hardrockers,
      There have been many questions regarding how the West Fork Fire
      has and/or will impact this year's Hardrock. We are monitoring this situation
      very closely and will keep you updated as to what we learn and decide.
      Presently, this is what we know. Portions of the Hardrock course in Pole
      Creek are closed to all vehicular and foot traffic. We will get an update and
      possible projection as to whether or not this portion will remain closed for
      7/12-14 tomorrow or Tuesday.
      The $64,000 question on everybody's mind is whether or not we will
      Hardrock this year. As many of you know we have only had to do this once and
      hopefully we will not have to do it this year. We are gathering information
      from the USFS, BLM weather forecasts, county officials road closures, course
      re-routing and communications sources. Any decision to cancel Hardrock this
      year will be made rationally, with the safety of runners, volunteers, crews,
      firefighters and affected residents being paramount of our concerns.
      If you would like to see the updates on the West Fork Fire complex,
      here is a great resource (thanks to Hardrock co-communications director Shauna
      Blaylock for this link)
      Say Tuned,