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  • Matt Mahoney
    Feb 23, 2000
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      It can get very cold at Hardrock, in the 20's. Last
      year I had on my long pants, polypro shirt, jacket,
      knit hat and gloves around 4AM at Grouse Gulch. 10
      hours later at Pole Creek it was in the 80's and I had
      my shirt off. I don't see any practical way to put
      clothes in drop bags because of the extreme
      temperature changes between aid stations, so last year
      I just carried all my clothes and used no drop bags
      (or crew).

      I wore Montrail Vitesse for shoes without socks, but I
      found that it took about 3 hours for them to dry out,
      even having to lie on my back to drain them after
      water crossings. Since there is so much water, my
      feet were constantly wet for almost the whole 42
      hours. This year I am considering wearing XC racing
      flats (Asics) and no socks just because they are light
      and comfortable and might not hold as much water. I
      have already worn them at the Ancient Oaks 100 with no
      problems and will test them again at Barkley.

      If the current trend continues there may not be any
      snow on the course this year, but that also means
      fewer places to refill your water bottles.

      -- Matt Mahoney, matmahoney@...
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