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3156Re: [hr100] June 1st deadlines

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  • Fred Ecks
    May 26, 2013
      That's so funny; I slipped Dale a C-note to keep me from doing ham duty at Engineer again this year, and he sent this email. Coincidence? :-)

      Actually, I'm torn; it was awfully cool to welcome the peeps to Engineer for breakfast last year. Okay, I'm fine with either outcome...

      Seeya in Silverton,

      - Fred, KG0UL

      Dale Garland <hardrock100@...> wrote:
      >Hi Hardrockers,
      > Spring has definitely arrived in the San Juans! While we hope
      >everybody is healthy and eager to join us in July, we know that some
      >might have happened since your name was drawn in the lottery. If that's
      >case, remember that June 1st is the deadline to get a full refund of
      >entry fee.
      >Also, June 1 is the deadline to submit your documentation of 8 hours of
      >service to the ultra community. If you are in the top 5-10 of the wait
      >you will definitely want to submit your completed form.
      >See you all in 7 weeks!
      >Dale Garland
      >RD, Hardrock Hundred Endurance Run

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