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3153Joel Zucker Memorial Scholarship - Thanks

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  • Charles Thorn
    May 24, 2013
      Last weekend, four Hardrockers met to interview Joel Zucker Memorial
      Scholarship candidates and to award scholarships. The recipients are all
      from Silverton and surrounding Hardrock communities and I'm very proud that
      we provide a way to help these kids get a higher education, a critical key
      to success in our society. I'm also proud to report that this year's
      applicants were the best we've ever seen.

      We awarded seven scholarships totaling $8000. That is the largest amount
      we have ever provided. Beginning in 1999, we've awarded $45,000 to 32
      recipients. ALL that money was donated by Hardrock runners and family and
      volunteers - real people - yourselves.

      So, I want to thank each of you who donated to the JZMS fund this year and
      in the past. Thanks for making a difference in the lives of seven students
      this year and the 32 students over these past 15 years. And, of course,
      I'm asking you to donate even more so that we can continue to support the
      education of future scholars. Donations can be sent to:

      Citizens State Bank
      c/o Joel Zucker Memorial Scholarship
      PO Box 6
      Silverton, Colorado 81433

      Contact Andi Kron (kron@...), the real force behind the scholarship,
      or me if you have any questions.

      Thanks again for making the JZMS possible and for helping change the lives
      of so many.

      Charlie Thorn

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