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3126Updated list of service requirement

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  • Dale Garland
    Mar 26, 2013
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      Hi Hardrockers,
      Here is the most recent list of those who I have received verification
      of service credit for this years run. Please remember this requirement must be
      met by June 1.
      Also, for those of you on the wait list; there hasn't been any
      changes on any of the lsits. Please be patient.
      Keep in touch,

      Robert Andrulis
      Kirk Apt
      Bob Bachani
      Jim Ballard
      Liz Bauer
      Will Carlton
      David Coblentz
      Kerry Collings
      Nick Coury
      Jamil Coury
      Bob Crowley
      Tyler Curiel
      Dan Curley
      Ricky Denesik
      Mike Dobies
      Scott Eppelman
      Andrea Feucht
      Diana Finkel
      Bill Geist
      Chris Gerber
      Ken Gordon
      Drew Gunn
      BJ Haeck
      Mark Heaphy
      Margaret Heaphy
      Jean Herbert
      Kristina Irvin
      Julian Jamison
      Ken Jensen
      Betsy Kalmeyer
      Claire Ketteler (Martin)
      Robert King
      Jack Kurisky
      Kathie Lang
      David Larsen
      Jeff List
      Henry Liu
      Glenn Mackie
      Shane Martin
      Karl Meltzer
      Mikio Miyazoe
      Yuki Negoro
      Steve Pero
      Deb Pero
      Jason Poole
      Bob Read
      Rickie Redland
      Doug Seaver
      Billy Simpson
      Dan Spurlock
      James Varner
      Hans-Dieter Weisshaar
      John Wojciechowski
      Blake Wood
      Rodger Wrublik
      Kuni Yamagata