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31[hr100] gaiters etc.

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  • Roger Wiegand
    Feb 23, 2000
      Hello everybody! This is Roger Wiegand, last year's caboose. Like Charlie
      Thorn, I too avoid gaiters. It's not just the weight of the material, but
      the water too. Wet feet and socks are inevitable at Hardrock, and with
      gaiters it just takes longer for your socks and shoes to dry out. I have the
      same clothing scheme (and I have to allow for two nights): Shorts all the
      way, but tights for occasional use. (I put them on for the Virginius
      descent, but it was all over so fast it was not worth the effort.) They were
      helpful on the cold, wet climb up to Engineer Pass. I wear a long-sleeve
      polypro shirt, but keep the sleeves rolled up most of the time. I always
      have a superlight waterproof (well, sort of) jacket with me, though it's main
      purpose is as a wind breaker for occasional use. A six-hour rainstorm would
      make me pretty miserable I think. I leave a dry pair of socks at most drop
      points and occasionally change. I also leave a variety of shoes scattered
      around but generally stick with one pair.

      Anyone interested in the view from the caboose (the saga of a last-place
      finisher) can check out http://www.math.unl.edu/~rwiegand/HR.html
      Eventually I'll put up some pictures, but for now it's just text.

      See you all in a few months.


      Roger A. Wiegand
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