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  • Wood, Blake P
    Jan 11, 2013
      One of my favorite memories (among many over 16 years) of Kerry and Leslie is of them hanging out of the window of their hotel on the Silverton main drag, throwning water balloons at the Hardrockers marching by below in the Fourth of July parade. I think I even have a photo of that somewhere, which I'll try to locate this weekend....

      Kerry will be sorely missed, and my heart goes out to Leslie and the kids (even tho' they're big now).

      - Blake

      From: The Troubadour [thetroubadour@...]
      Sent: Friday, January 11, 2013 3:29 PM
      To: hr100@yahoogroups.com
      Cc: Barkley List
      Subject: Relevance

      To those on the Hardrock List just about to complain, perhaps, about keeping the Hardrock List always and only about Hardrock:

      Kerry Trammell was a Hardrocker. A very, very good Hardrocker.

      In fact, the very first time I ever met him was during that massive uphill (up mountain!) climb out of Telluride going up to that Wasatch Saddle, Virginiius, and beyond. He was hiking up with at least two others, as I recall, one of whom was Leslie Hunt.

      She is now, and has been for many years, Leslie Trammell.

      So please, remember Kerry and Leslie. Keep them in your thoughts, prayers, whatever�
      �and look them up sometime in your Hardrock Runners Manual. The one with ALL the cumulative results. I think (without checking myself, sorry) that they both finished HRH a number of times.

      I remember, too, Leslie giving me some sort of silly mask, or whatever, to wear one July 4th during Silverton's annual downtown parade. She was wonderful and caring that way. No wonder Kerry got in line behind her climbing mountains!

      Me? I couldn't attend that parade because I'd just locked myself out of my van (parked in front of Charlie Thorn's house). I had some great help, however, and with that help was able to "break" back into the van without breaking any windows. I'm sorry, but I've forgotten who it was that helped me.

      I was trying to get in there, you see, because Leslie's costume gift was in there.

      Afterwards, I asked her if she wanted it back.

      Of course, she said no.

      I wish I had a picture. I'd mail it inside a sympathy card.

      But those were the days before instant cameras.

      There weren't very many photos ever taken, in fact.

      But surely *someone* has a print somewhere of Kerry and Leslie climbing mountains?

      (They might've even beaten Steve and Deb Pero to the punch. Does anyone know when, or how, Kerry proposed??)

      I'm rambling.

      I'm sorry.

      I'm in shock.

      And so very, very sad,

      That TroubleDoer

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