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  • Brian K.
    Dec 21, 2012
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      Hi Deb and Blake.

      By "work designing the poster", can you elaborate on that?  Does that mean the race board has some guidelines/logos/phrases/etc that they want on the finishers poster, and thus they give that to the photo winner who will need to place them on the layout?  That makes sense and can be fun - plus my wife's career is in print graphic design (of course, I still need to be chosen...)

      It sounds like we could work with our own print shop if needed, or do the race directors have a specific one in mind?  Also, do the race directors provide budget funds for printing? Or does the photo winner need to foot that bill?

      Signing and numbering makes sense, and is a nice personal touch.  I think I remember seeing past winners prints that were framed - is designing a frame a requirement as well, and are there funds for that too?  Or does everyone just get their own print and frame it if they wish on their own?

      Thanks so much for your help and time. Cheers!


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      I think it might be helpful to remind folks who are interested in submitting artwork, that, as Blake mentions, it is required to do some work- designing the poster, meeting whatever requirements the print shop has, and either working with a local place and getting the posters shipped to Dale, or using a printer in Durango where likely Dale or someone can arrange for pickup. Plus signing and numbering each print.

      I'm no expert by any means, but I have done this a couple of times and am happy to help answer questions if I can about the process.


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      On Dec 19, 2012, at 4:41 PM, "Wood, Blake P" <bwood@...> wrote:

      > Brian -


      > There is no particular requirement for photo formats. We only ask that it be of high enough resolution that it will make a good poster. If it is accepted, we'll ask you to design the poster, so if you want to submit several crops, that is fine. Jpeg works well, as it is easily viewed on every platform. It is probably best to keep what you send to 10MB or less.


      > - Blake


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