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3025Hardrock Hundred lottery ticket allocations are online

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  • Wood, Blake P
    Dec 13, 2012
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      Hardrock runners -

      A list of the number of tickets each applicant has in Sunday's Hardrock Hundred lottery has been put online at http://hardrock100.com/HR-tickets-121212.pdf

      Our intention in doing this is to give you the chance to help spot errors. We've double- and triple-checked our lists, but there are still occasional problems when runners have the same names, compound names, or have changed their name.

      If you think we have made a mistake, please email me at bwood@...<mailto:bwood@...> and bpwrlc@...<mailto:bpwrlc@...>, and let me know how many tickets YOU think you should have and why (e.g. "I was a DNS in 2010 and 2011 and DNFed in 2012"). Please do not just say "I think you've made a mistake" or "I don't understand your calculation".

      Note that there are actually three lotteries:

      - "Veterans" for anyone with >= 5 finishes. You get one ticket for each finish. There are 35 slots in this lottery.

      - "Never-started" for anyone who has never started a Hardrock. You get 2^N tickets, where N is the number of times you have applied and met the qualifications before this year. There are 35 slots in this lottery. This provides a very strong bias for those who have been on the wait list multiple years without getting in.

      - "Everyone-else" for everyone not in the other two lotteries. Tickets are allocated the same as we did in the past few years, and the algorithm can be found via the wayback machine at http://web.archive.org/web/20101218033901/http://hardrock100.com/hardrock-lottery.php There are 70 slots in this lottery.

      In addition, in all three lotteries, the top-5 men and women finishers from 2012 get one add'l ticket each. There are also "service" tickets added in for those who put in two days labor at our trail work weekend last year, captained an aid station last year, or had a major role in course clearing last year.

      - Blake

      Blake Wood

      President and lottery wonk, Hardrock Board of Directors

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