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3022001 Course Marking Schedule

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  • Charles T. Thorn
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Hello All,

      Below is the tentative schedule for surveying and marking the 2001 Hardrock
      Hundred course. All interested runners and crew are invited to participate
      in all or portions of the effort. Although transportation for each day's
      efforts MAY be available, none is promised. The general plan is to meet at
      my house in Silverton, 1354 Reese St., at 7 am each day, unless otherwise
      stated. From there, we will go to the course section to be worked that day.
      Because the schedule will almost certainly change based on course
      conditions or personal quirk, persons interested in working on the course
      should check the schedule the day before in order to be sure the schedule
      is accurate. My house will serve as the course marking coordination point
      and I'll post the latest schedule in the entry.

      Anyone who wants to help pull flags from the course beginning immediately
      after the start, let me know.

      Charlie Thron

      This Schedule is Subject to Change

      Date Course Section Comments
      Sat 6/30 Bear Creek (Silverton ) - KT Begin at 9 AM.
      Sun 7/1 KT - Chapman Car/4WD shuttle.
      Mon 7/2 Sherman - Maggie 4WD to Sherman, leave vehicles.
      Tues 7/3 Grouse Gulch - Grizzly - Sherman Pick up vehicles at
      Wed 7/4 Open Blue Ribbon10K run in Silverton
      & Parade
      Thu 7/5 Maggie - Cunningham - Arrastra Long day, car shuttle, stash flags
      at CG.
      Thu 7/5 Bear Cr Tr (Ouray) - Engineer Pass Start at US 550 Tunnel.
      Fri 7/6 Telluride - Virginius
      Governor Basin - Virginius
      Simultaneous marking & meet on Virginius Pass for traditional picture.
      Rope Uncompaghre River & Mineral Creek.
      Sat7/7 Backup - Explore other trails
      Sun7/8 Backup - Explore other trails
      Mon7/9 Telluride - Oscar's - Chapman J Cappis coordinates from Telluride.
      American Basin if needed C Thorn coordinates from Silverton.
      Tue7/10 Silverton - Arrastra & Whenever the urge strikes if not
      Silverton - Bear Creek already done.
      Wed7/11 Backup - Explore other trails
      Fri7/13 Rope Virginius
      Fri7/13 Strip course
      Sat7/14 Strip course
      Sun7/15 Strip course
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